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2009-2010 News

Class of 2010 Graduation

Chatham Class of 2010 GraduationCommencement for the Chatham Central Class of 2010 was held June 24 on the High School Football Field. On that day 100 worthy graduates were awarded diplomas, including 10 Local Diplomas, 42 Regents Diplomas, 4 Regents Diplomas with Honors, 33 Regents Diplomas with Advanced Designation, 8 Regents Diplomas with Advanced Designation with Honors, as well as 27 students graduating with four-year honors.

Class of 2010 students were awarded 62 scholarships and grants totaling over $2 million! 77 percent of Chatham’s 2010 graduates will be pursuing higher education. Congratulations to all our graduates. Click here to view more graduation pictures.


NCBI Certificates Awarded

NCBI Award Recipients
Front Row right to left: San Engel, Maxwell Lagonia, Kody Skype, Dawson Devito, Casey Wheeler, Dom Shelow, James Stinson, and Grant Horn.
Back Row, right to left: School Counselor Cyndi Herron, Nikki Favre, Kaitlin Pearson, Olivia Klinger, Assistant Principal Larry Burud, Jaina Wollowitz, Cassie Pearson, Destynie Summers, Adie Kratt, Principal Gordon Fitting, Kayla Taranto, Teaching Assistant Camille Freedner, and School Counselor and Program Coordinator Jackie Hoffman.

Student and staff leaders from Chatham Middle School's National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) program were presented with award certificates from the NCBI Capitol District Chapter. The award ceremony showcased Chatham’s commitment to the program, and our school was one of only a few in the region to receive this honor. During the award ceremony Middle School students prepared a song and talked about how trust plays a major role in becoming a student ally.

The NCBI program at CMS focuses on welcoming diversity and breaking down stereotypes. Trained students and staff work in classrooms teaching other students prevention-oriented strategies and programs to deal with discrimination, intolerance, bullying, and other inter-group tensions.

NCBI is a nonprofit leadership training organization founded in 1984 in Washington, D.C.

Middle School Administrators, staff and students would like to thank all the members of the PTSA for sponsoring Spirit Week and celebrating the student's accomplishments.

Congressman Murphy Donates Books to Chatham Public Library

Congressman Murphy at LibraryU.S. Congressman Scott Murphy was at the Chatham Public Library June 21 to present the library with more than 30 books he obtained from the Library of Congress. The donated books ranged from novels and history books to children’s stories.

Chatham Public Library is the first library Rep. Murphy chose to receive the donated Library of Congress books. Chatham was picked because, as part of the Mid-Hudson Library System, the books are available to any other library within that system.

Each year the Library of Congress makes books it has taken out of circulation available for donation. Mr. Murphy said he was recently turned on to this program by another member of Congress, and he plans to donate more books to other libraries in the future.

After presenting the books to library Director Luisa Sabin-Kildiss, Rep. Murphy toured the building and was given a brief history of the building’s famed Tiffany window. Mr. Murphy noted that he was pleased to see the library was able to offer so many free services for its community.

The Chatham Public Library is part of the Chatham Central School District.

MS Students Inducted Into National Junior Honor Society

In June, twenty-three Chatham Middle School students were inducted into National Junior Honor Society. To qualify for National Junior Honor Society a student must d demonstrate outstanding qualities in scholarship, character, service, leadership, and citizenship. NJHS membership is for students in grades six through eight. Click here for a list of inductees.

Class of 2010 Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Wade Okawa-Scannell and Lydia Curran have been named the Class of 2010 Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively. Click here to learn more.

Honor Students for the Class of 2010

Mr. Ron Davis and Mr. John Thorsen, Chatham High School Co-Principals, are pleased to release the names of the Honor Students for the graduating Class of 2010. The Honor Students were announced at the annual Arbor Day Banquet given by the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen Classes in honor of the Senior Class. The banquet was held at Winding Brook Country Club on Thursday, May 27, 2010. Click here to see who made the list.

Students Inducted into National Honor Society

Thirty-nine Chatham High School students were inducted into the National Honor Society in recognition of their excellence in academics, service, character and leadership.

To qualify for the National Honor Society, students are required to have an average of 89.5 or higher. They also must display outstanding character and leadership as well as be involved in service at school and/or in the community. Click here for a list of Inductees

Assemblyman Molinaro Celebrates Flag Day at MED

Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro with FlagNYS Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro joined MED students in celebrating Flag Day at an assembly held in the school gym. The state lawmaker was invited by the school to talk to the children about the American flag and what it represents. During the assembly, Mr. Molinaro spoke about the freedom and opportunity Americans enjoy, and why the students should cherish and respect that freedom. “In this country, you can choose to become whatever you want,” he told the students. “A lot of people in other countries don’t have that choice. Here, it’s up to you, and that’s important.”

Flag Day commemorates the official adoption of the United States flag on June 14, 1777 and is celebrated nationally on that day.

This was Assemblyman Molinaro’s second year visiting MED on Flag Day. Mr. Molinaro represents the 103rd District of the NYS Assembly, which includes parts of Columbia and Dutchess counties.

2008-2009 School Report Card

To view the 2008-2009 NYS School Report Card for the Chatham Central School District please click here.

Seniors Showcase Passage through High School at Expo Night

Chatham Senior displaying his journey through high schoolThe Class of 2010 Expo Night was a very special occasion held June 9th at the high school. Seniors gathered with friends, family and teachers to receive graduation awards and show off their personal journey through high school. The seniors created displays that illustrated their accomplishments and highlighted their high school careers. The students proudly displayed academic recognitions, pictures of family and friends, sports awards, and other items that marked their passage through Chatham High. Some students also shared their love of music by performing for the group.

The evening was truly a celebration of the learning and maturing that these students have undergone over the years; the culmination of four years of working hard together to earn a high school diploma.

Blood Drive Helps Hundreds

Student donating blood Student donating blood

CHS hosted a Red Cross blood drive in the auditorium June 2. Eighty-six students and staff donated enough blood to have a positive impact on 258 lives. “Giving blood is a great thing for students to get involved with,” said health teacher Dan Kohler, who organized the event.

Students participated so they could make a difference and help others. For sophomore Mary Dame this was her first time donating. “By giving one pint of blood, I can help save several lives.” She said. “That’s why I’m here.”

Arbor Day

Students planting a tree

Arbor Day celebrations have been a long standing tradition in Chatham schools. On June 4, students celebrated Arbor Day at MED by planting flowers, learning about the history of Arbor Day in Chatham, and performing the traditional Maypole Dance.

Each year on Arbor Day the fourth grade helps plant a tree on school grounds to honor the teachers who will retiree at the end of the school year. This year’s tree, a flowering crab apple, was planted near the playground in honor of retiring second grade teacher Patricia Wharton and teaching assistant Jean McCagg.

The MED PTA helped make the Arbor Day events possible.





Sixth Grade Girls Attend Alpha NU Conference

Front Row right to left: Jaina Wollowitz, Ani Adamsti, Jessica Madsen, and Emily Ooms
Back Row right to left: Jackie Hoffman (School Counselor), Megan Sweet, Cassie Pearson, Katie Kraham, Marti Paolucci, Alyssa Sirani, Ana Verma, and Shante Campbell

In May, eleven sixth grade girls from Chatham Middle School were invited to attend the annual Women Helping Girls with Choices Conference sponsored by the Alpha Nu Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. The conference, for area fifth and sixth grade girls, is designed to connect students with community women and help guide the girls in making life choices. The students learned about prominent and influential women in history, and discussed the importance of setting goals for their future. Each girl was also given a copy of a novel about a famous woman in history at the end of the day.

Trout in the Classroom

boy releasing fish

In late May, fourth graders released scores of brown trout into the Kinderhook Creek. Students began raising the fish in October, to coincide with the natural spawning season of trout in this area. The students raised the trout from eggs in 55 gallon aquariums located in each fourth grade classroom. Throughout the school year, students monitored water quality, learned about stream habitats and ecosystems, and watched the trout grow. At the conclusion of the program, students transported the trout to the town of Kinderhook, where they used nets to release the tiny fish into the wild.

The Trout in the Classroom program is sponsored by Trout Unlimited and works to connect students with nature and their environment, and helps to build an appreciation for our water resources. The school obtained permits from the DEC to raise and release the trout.

Parents as Reading Partners

Books, authors, mystery readers, and Mrs. Reno in her prom dress…What!?

Yes, MED Principal Mrs. Reno wore her prom dress to school, but only after striking a deal with MED students. If there was 100 percent participation in the school’s Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) program, she would wear her prom dress to work.

Children’s author and illustrator Daniel J. Mahoney

PARP is a PTA sponsored event that gets kids reading. For two weeks in April, students were given reading exercises and encouraged to read at home for at least fifteen minutes a day, keeping a log on what they read. During school, mystery readers from the community and family members stopped by to read to students. Children’s author and illustrator Daniel J. Mahoney visited the school to show students his process for writing and illustrating his books.

At the end of April the log books were in and all the students had participated! So Mrs. Reno kept her word and showed up to school in her original 1980’s prom dress, much to the delight of the students.

Mrs. Reno in her original 1980’s prom dress

Insects as Art

Students with Art

Mr. Botsford’s students were pleased to welcome artist and M.E.D parent Mrs. Bartlett into their classroom for two days in April. With the coming of spring and the class' exploration of nature, Mrs. Bartlett introduced the students to some very unusual and fascinating insects from around the world, and helped students create their own bugs on paper.

The idea was for students to tune in with their eyes and study the insects, then try to describe the shapes they saw, the reasons why an insect might have 'thorns' along its body, the different and multi-colored parts of the insect, etc. They shared their observations with each other and began the process of making their own imaginary bugs.

Using black ink and straws, students blew ink along paper creating wildly abstract 'splotches' to make insect bodies. After the ink dried, they made mixed-media bug collages using an array of materials like crayons, glitter and fuzz balls to create their own abstract insects that mirrored the amazingly unpredictable, surprising world of nature.

Livia Clandorf Recognized Nationally for Fight Against Tobacco

Sophomore Livia Clandorf has been named the International Grant Award Winner by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids for her leadership in the fight against tobacco. Livia was awarded the grant and honored as a Youth Advocate of the Year at a gala held in Washington, D.C. that was attended by more than 400 public health, political, civic and business leaders. Click here for more

At Tanglewood Concert

Musicians at Tanglewood ConcertThe Chatham Music Department treated community members to the school’s annual “At Tanglewood” concert, held June 7th near the District’s Geologic Park. The well attended event featured performances by the high school band, the sixth-grade band, fourth-grade Canaries, the MED Maypole dancers, plus performances from a combined middle school/high school jazz band, the grade 6-12 orchestra, and the grade 5-12 chorus accompanied by string students.

The Chatham Music Department would like to thank to the Fine Arts Booster Club, Alumni Association, parents, maintenance staff and administration for helping produce this successful and enjoyable community event.

Community Forum On Underage Drinking

Forum On Underage DrinkingOn May 24, Chatham High School hosted an educational forum on underage drinking. The discussion was open to the public and was part of Chatham Central School District’s ongoing efforts to combat the use of alcohol and other dangerous substances within our school community.

Nearly forty parents and students attended the evening program, where experts were available to answer questions about alcohol use and the negative impacts underage drinking has on our youth and community. Click here for more


Jordan Brahm Awarded CHS “Profiles of Character Award”

Senior Jordan Brahm has been awarded Chatham High School’s “Profiles of Character Award”, given to students who have shown outstanding qualities through kind words, actions or deeds. An award recipient is nominated for this honor by members of Senior Jordan Brahmhis or her community. Jordan Brahm received two such nominations; one for his volunteer service with Ghent Volunteer Fire Company Number One, and one for his work with the Maintenance Department at MED Elementary School.

Fire Company President Jonathan Walters says that in the short time Jordan has been with the fire company, he has proven himself to be a key member. “On calls, Jordan is outstanding- hardworking, cooperative and a great team player. On the administrative side, he has stepped up and is now managing the fire company’s website, which had been dormant for several years,” says Walters. “Jordan has also been involved in virtually every fundraising event we’ve held since he joined. All of us in the fire company find Jordan to be highly intelligent, extremely conscientious and hard working. We feel lucky to have him”.

Matt Torrey, Head of Maintenance at MED, says “Jordan worked for me the past two summers at MED. The maturity he displayed and his sense of responsibility when dealing with staff and the public was an asset to the district.”

Chatham High School is proud to offer Jordan this new award, and to have him as a member of our community.

Grim Reaper Day at CHS

Grim Reaper stands in the hallwayStudents Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) recently hosted Grim Reaper Day at Chatham High School. The event was designed to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, especially important with Prom and Graduation season now in full swing.

Throughout the day, a gong sounded every 33 minutes to symbolize that nearly every half-hour one person in this country is killed in an alcohol related accident. With each gong, a SADD member dressed as Death appeared and plucked a student out of class. The Grim Reaper painted a tear drop on the student’s face and placed a death certificate around his or her neck. The “victim” was then instructed to return to class but not to speak for the rest of the school day. By the time the last gong had sounded nearly a dozen students had been taken by Death, a chilling reminder of just how many people die from drinking and driving every day.

“Our point is to spread the word that alcohol is dangerous,” said junior Monika Verma, a SADD member who played the Grim Reaper. “By abusing alcohol, you not only hurt yourself, you hurt your parents, you hurt your friends.”

Grim Reaper Day is part of a national SADD campaign to curb alcohol abuse and drinking and driving.


Battle of the Belts

Students competing in Battle of the BeltsChatham High School’s SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) hosted their annual Battle of the Belts competition to raise awareness about driving safety and to encourage students to make safe decisions like wearing seatbelts.

Teams of four competed against each other in the timed event, buckling into and out of car seats in the fastest time possible. The event was held in the high school parking lot, were both students and staff participated. 

The “Buckle Up Betties” won the competition with the fastest time, each team member buckling into and out of four seats in 34.41 seconds.  Their victory was an upset over last year’s winners “The Buckling Linebackers” who took 2nd place this year.  

Buckle Up Betties
The Buckle Up Betties
Christine Ewasick, Katelynn Strobel, Melyssa Sweet, Cailey Nieto

CCSD Raises Funds for Haitian Earthquake Victims

Walkathon for Haitian ReliefIn May, Chatham Central School District hosted a Walk-a-thon with the American Red Cross to aid victims of the earthquake in Haiti. “Healthy for Haiti” was held on the high school track where students, staff, and the community raised more than $1,300 for the Red Cross earthquake relief effort. Click here for more




Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Training at CHS

Yellow Ribbon trainingThe Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Team at Chatham High School recently put on a school-wide suicide prevention training program. The team, comprised of fourteen CHS students, educated their peers about the warning signs, risk factors and resources available to help prevent suicide. The theory behind the Yellow Ribbon Program is that suicide is avoidable if people are shown how to ask for help when they are in need. Click here for more





CMS Spirit Week

CMS Students forming a Peace sign

Chatham Middle School celebrated winning the NYS School of Character Award with a PTSA sponsored Spirit Week. The Character P.E.A.C.E. Club presented a slide show of all the projects, activities, community services and service learning projects students had completed throughout the year.

Programs and assemblies highlighted tolerance and acceptance of others, and to celebrate Earth Day, Character P.E.A.C.E. Club members invited other students to clean up the school yard. The PTSA also organized games each day of the week for the students. On Friday each student and staff member was given a red shirt designed by 7th grade Peer Mediator Jordan Thomas. An aerial photo was taken of all the students and staff wearing these shirts and forming a peace sign on the playfield.

Middle School Administrators, staff and students would like to thank all the members of the PTSA for sponsoring Spirit Week and celebrating the student's accomplishments

Senator Saland Visits Chatham

Students at MED and the High School played host to a distinguished guest when NY State Senator Stephen Saland stopped by the District to read to students and talk economics.

Senator Saland at MEDSenator Saland paid a visit to second graders at MED where he read to them a book called "The Tree Farmer." The story highlights the significance of trees in our everyday lives and the importance of being stewards of the land. Afterward, Mr. Saland donated the book to the MED Library. The senator's visit coincided with Agricultural Literacy Week, and was sponsored by Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Science.

Senator Saland at Chatham HSMr. Saland then visited Chatham High School where he stopped by Mrs. Campbell's senior economics class. He spoke with students about the NYS budget process and how the current economy is affecting decision-making at the State Capital. The class gained insight into how the economic downturn has challenged individuals and governments alike.

Senator Saland represents the 41st Senate District of New York State.


Chatham Middle School Mentors

Breanna Haner and Rachel Wade help residents with their bingo cards at the Fireman's Nursing HomeOn March 22, students from Chatham Middle School’s Mentoring Program visited Whittier Nursing Home, Pine Haven Nursing Home, and the Fireman's Home of the State of New York. At each nursing home students had the opportunity to get to know the residents who live there, whether through playing games, working on crafts together, or just talking. The students and seniors learned about each other’s interests and backgrounds. Two seniors the students met were over one hundred years old and getting to know them meant hearing first hand accounts of more than a century of history.

The middle school’s successful mentoring program, now in its eighteenth year, pairs individual students with an adult volunteer mentor from the community. The mentor spends time each week with their student, helping the student to build a positive connection with themselves and their community. The student is encouraged to volunteer and to participate in community service projects.

The forty students and thirty-three mentors who visited the seniors all agreed the trip was rewarding for both themselves and the residents of the nursing homes. Seeing the positive impact their visit had on the seniors made the students feel good and they all agreed they would want to visit again.

The event was made possible through the generosity of the Chatham Education Foundation.

Student Athletes "Go Bald" To Help Children Fight Cancer

Student athletes and coaches from the Chatham Central School District stepped up to the plate and volunteered to have their heads shaved to raise money and awareness for the Saint Baldrick's Foundation. The charity raises funds for childhood cancer research, largely through shaved-head events.

Chatham students with shaved heads

Sponsored by friends and family, our students and coaches shed their locks to show solidarity with children who typically lose their hair during cancer treatment. "They did it to support a good cause, and because they are great young men and community members," said Athletic Director Scott Steltz of the athletes.

Together the group raised over six thousand dollars.

MED Receives Portrait of George Washington

The Mary E. Dardess Elementary School in Chatham received a portrait of George Washington from the Mount Vernon Educational Center in Virginia.  The center’s goal is to restore George Washington’s traditional presence in public schools throughout the country.  So far, over 7,000 schools have received the portrait. Valued at $400 in the Educational Center’s Gift Shop, the portrait is part of an educational kit received by the school.  Principals who wish to receive the portrait and kit may visit the Mount Vernon Education Center and fill out the required form expressing their interest.  In addition to the portrait, a flag that was flown over Mt. Vernon is being sent to the school.

Skateboards for the Skate Park


Decorated Skateboards

Chatham Middle School students helped to raise funds for a new skateboard park by designing skateboards that were auctioned off at the 'Stoked, Silent Art Auction', which benefited the Chatham Skate Park. The silent auction was held Saturday, March 27th at the Charles B. Benenson Visitors Center & Gallery at OMI International Arts Center in Ghent. The Middle School students worked in pairs to creatively develop their designs using acrylic paints. All the work was done in Chatham Middle School's Studio Art Club with Advisor and Art Teacher Nancy Barth, along with assistance from Art Teacher Tina Fahey. All the finished boards were on display for 'What's Happening at CMS’ before going up for auction. The students are excited that their talent helped to support this community event.

How Is It Said In Chinese?

Chinese language teacher Betty Chang-Twillie visits MEDAs part of their exploration of China, MED third-graders enjoyed a visit from Chinese language teacher Betty Chang-Twillie.  Ms. Chang-Twillie revealed the importance of the use of tones, or intonation, in the Chinese language.  Students heard and then practiced identifying and pronouncing these tones, which are distinctively different from sounds used in English.  Ms. Chang-Twillie’s visit was part of MED’s partnership with Spencertown Academy’s artsVOYAGE program.




Chatham Middle School Students "Mix it up at Lunch"

Mix_it_upTuesday, March 2nd, Chatham Middle School students participated in "Mix It Up at Lunch."   The lunch periods were devoted to tolerance and bullying issues in an effort to continue to contribute to a peaceful school environment. 

Upon entering the cafeteria for lunch, students were handed different colored designs of the peace symbol and were asked to sit at the corresponding table.  At the tables all students filled out a survey about bullying and then each table worked together to come up with a logo that would be made into a button for everyone in the Middle School to remember not to bully.
The winning logo received Character Counts Six Pillar Respect Bracelets from Assistant Principal, Larry Burud and will have dessert with Mr. Burud and Mr. Fitting to celebrate their winning logo, talk about their design, and to discuss their ideas about preventing bullying.

Student Wins Book for MED Library

Ann Gainer, MED Librarian and 4th grader Miranda Ward

Fourth grader Miranda Ward entered author Jan Brett's online contest and won a copy of Brett's latest book The Easter Egg for the MED Library. Miranda is shown here holding her congratulatory note from the author, along with Ann Gainer, MED Librarian

Senior Citizen and Limited Income Disability Exemptions

Click here

Chatham Middle School Receives Grant from Capital Region Service Learning Institute Learn and Serve America Fund

Chatham Middle School Home and Consumer Sciences Teacher, Mrs. Teresa Zema, applied for and received a grant from the Capital Region Service Learning Institute Learn and Serve America Fund for $200 to involve her students in a service learning project to help provide fresh bread to the food pantry in Chatham. Students incorporated learning skills in the kitchen using math, saftey, santitation, and food preparation to help provide healthy, balanced and accessible food sources for residents in need in the community.
Mrs. Zema also received  two separate grants that amounted to $200 for plants, fertilizer, bulbs and top soil to create a flower bed front of the school. 

Mrs. Zema and her students received a letter of thanks from the food pantry for helping those in need and stated the families using the food pantry were thrilled to see the availibility of fresh bread.

Chatham Middle School Named 2010 New York State School of Character

Chatham Middle School staff and students on the New York State
Capitol Steps, joining Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro, Dr. John D. Walko,
Director of the Academy for Character Education at Sage Colleges, and
Dr. Philip Fusco, Assistant Director


The Academy for Character Education recently announced that Chatham Middle School was chosen as the 2010 New York State School of Character (NYSSOC) . Sponsored by the Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges and the Character Education partnership, the NYSSOC Awards Program recognizes schools or districts that demonstrate outstanding school climate and academic performance.  Chatham Middle School was chosen by a panel of independent reviewers who have been involved in character education and student development for many years.  

On Monday, January 25, 2010, a representative group of Middle School staff and students traveled to Albany where they were honored by Assemblyman Marcus J. Molinaro and the other legislators on the floor of the New York State Assembly.

Would You Like To Help Shape Tomorrows Leaders?

JAThe Business Education Department is looking for volunteers at the Mary E. Dardess Elementary School and Chatham Middle School to help run a brand new program to Chatham, Junior Achievement.

“JA Worldwide is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs”.

As a volunteer you will be placed with a local teacher to bring real world experience to your assigned classroom.  J.A. provides all materials at no cost to the volunteer and asks volunteers for 45 Minutes a session over a 5 week session. This is a great opportunity to become involved in your students classroom.

For more information about J.A. or to volunteer please visit:   or contact Mr. DeCrescenzo at or 518-392-2400.

Chatham Halfback Josh Keyes 'Player of the Year'

Josh Keyes, who set 14 school records in his junior year, has received a number of awards recently.
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Seventh Grade Students Attend Student Leadership Conference

Chatham Middle School seventh graders attended a Student Leadership Conference called STOP (Students Together Opposing Prejudice) at Siena College, January 15th, as a part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King Lecture Series.

Students participated in breakout sessions with students from other schools in the Albany area grades seven through twelve.  In small and large groups students explored the concerns of their peers and discussed leadership skills needed to address these concerns.  Adult advisors participated in special session to focus on how to implement strategies that address inclusion and respect for diversity.

Attending the conference were:  Middle School Counselors, Mrs. Jackie Hoffman and Mrs. Cyndi Herron, Teaching Assistant, Camille Freedner and seventh graders: Samantha Barnes, Abby Dunkin, Sam Engel, Nikki Favre, Cassidy Flanagan, Olivia Klingler, Samantha Oram, Carly Rippel, James Stinson, and Jordan Thomas.

Kindergarteners Help Brighten Thanksgiving For Some Local Families

All the kindergarten classes at MED conducted a food drive that garnered enough non-perishable foods for a dozen Thanksgiving dinners.

Students Hear About Overcoming Handicaps

robinson and students

The High School Assembly Friday, Dec. 4 featured speaker John Robinson, who was born without forearms, hands or thighs, but has not let that hold him back in life: He has a family and a successful career at WMHT in Albany.

Big Week for Chatham Vocalists

With the high school winter concert still fresh in our minds, four of Chatham High School's singers gave the district even more reason to be proud recently. Senior Brittney Gerber was Chatham's first All-State vocalist in nearly two decades as she joined about 100 other students from around the state in the All-State Mixed Choir, Dec. 3 – 6 at the Eastman Theater in Rochester. Meanwhile, senior Erin Lanphear, an alto, and sophomores Diana Jones, a soprano, and Geena Eglin, an alto, sang with the Empire State Youth Orchestra in its "Melodies of Christmas" concerts, also Dec. 3 - 6 at Proctor's Theater in Schenectady.
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CMS Students Create Totem Pole at Art Omi

students check workStudents from the Sixth Grade worked with artist Jason Middlebrook to create a totem pole out of wooden objects important to them at Art Omi recently.
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Sixth-Graders Thinking April in November

It may be time to start wearing winter coats, but it's not too late to plant tulips, students in Mrs. Zema's Home and Careers class learned recently, when they planted 100 bulbs in front of the Chatham Middle School sign.
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Third-Graders Find Second Home in Venice

For the fifth year in a row, the third-grade curriculum is focused on Venice, a project initiated and supported by the Spencertown Academy. Lately, the students have been learning first-hand about theater and music.
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Top Spitzer Aide, Anti-Trust Lawyer Talks Careers

constantineLloyd Constantine, one of Eliot Spitzer's most trusted advisors during his short stint as governor, and the lead counsel on the anti-trust case that brought down the Visa/MasterCard bank cartel, spoke to CHS seniors about career opportunities Monday, Nov. 2.
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What's Up at the Middle School

merwin descendantSeventh graders visit the Merwin farm, home of the man who provided Washington Irving with the inspiration for Ichabod Crane of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
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students check workChatham Middle School celebrated Character Counts Week, October 19th through October 23rd, and students learned the six pillars of character.
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Middle-Schoolers Grasp 6 Pillars of Character

Chatham Middle School celebrated Character Counts Week, October 19th through October 23rd.  Character Counts Week is celebrated by 4 million youth in more than 50 countries.  It is a week of learning and using the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness (Blue), Respect (Yellow), Responsibility (Green), Fairness (Orange), Caring (Red), and Citizenship (Purple).

posters at assembly

On Friday morning, October 16th, The Show of Love presented a kick off assembly with ‘Put Yourself In Another Person’s Shoes’.











poster of head

Students used classroom meeting time after viewing the assembly to make a list of what defines them (right).  They used the information about themselves to think about “Push Buttons” that cause them to get angry and had discussions about the different things that might spark our anger toward one another.

footprints with wordsOn Monday, day one of Chracter Counts Week, students were given paper shoes in the colors of the Six Pillars (left) and were asked to write about a time they used one of the pillars to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and how it helped them become more tolerant of that person’s differences. 





On day two students were given the opportunity in lunch to take an Anti-Bullying Pledge. (below)

girls w. cards Students wrote their names on paper saying they pledged not to bully and were given a card to sign and carry with them that stated they would do their part to put an end to bullying. 




mr fitting presents bracelets On day three, in the cafeteria, members of the P.E.A.C.E. Club went around the lunch room asking students to name the Six Pillars. If they could name all six their name was entered in a random drawing to win Six Pillar rubber bracelets presented by Mr. Fitting, Middle School Principal. (left)  




wings of hope




On day four, in the cafeteria, students filled out “Wings of Hope” messages for Mrs. Hess, CMS Guidance Secretary and 10-year survivor of breast cancer. (Right) 







students at work

Mrs. Hess was about to participate in a 60-mile walk for the cause in Florida and brought with her each message the students and staff wrote.  Messages were made into booklets for her.  On the last day of Character Counts Week students purchased pink ribbons and memory hearts for cancer sufferers, victims and survivors.  All donations were given to the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


bulletin board



The week-long projects were presented to the students by members of the Character P.E.A.C.E. Club (Promoters, Educators and Advocates for Character Education) and by volunteer seventh and eighth grade students supporting breast cancer awareness. A bulletin board outside the office was created as each project took place. (right)



High School Staff Edges CMS/MED in Seesaw Battle

The High School Staff and Faculty came from behind to defeat the contingent from Mary E. Dardess and the Middle School 59-55 at the high school. The event raised money for the athletic program both through admissions and a 50/50 raffle put on by the Athletic Booster Club.
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Fourth-Graders Raise Trout

Students in MED's Fourth Grade have begun the Trout in the Classroom program.
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Middle-School Students, Staff Get Diversity Training

Some students and staff from Chatham Middle School recently attended a one-day workshop, where they learned about ways to build a caring school environment.
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MED Students Ride 'Wave of Exercise'

Students in Grades 1 through 4 at Mary E. Dardess Elementary School participated in a coast-to-coast exercise event known as Exercise US
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Beginning the first day of school, the traffic pattern in the parking lot at Chatham High School has been altered.
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Holiday Shopping in Full Swing at M.E.D.

kids check out booksSmart gift-givers combined their child pickups and dropoffs with a visit to the front hall of Mary E. Dardess Elementary School, where the PTA's Fall Book Fair took place the week of Nov. 16-20.

looking for books

Arm of the Sea Theater Entertains MED Students

henry hudson puppet & friends

Students at Mary E. Dardess Elementary School were treated to a dramatization of the discovery of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson 400 years ago as the Arm of the Sea Theater's contribution to the Quadricentennial Celebration Thursday, Sept. 24.

School Board Welcomes New Staff

The Chatham School District Board of Education held a reception for the district's new teachers and staff prior to its Sept. 22 meeting, and also congratulated newly tenured faculty.

new teachers meet board, admins

New High School History Teacher Stephanie Campbell speaks with Board Members John Wapner, right, and Mike Clark, as, in the background, Superintendent Cheryl Nuciforo, back to the camera, regales new teachers and MED Principal Kristen Reno and Middle School Principal Gordon Fitting at Tuesday's reception.

new teachers

Board Member Mike Clark chats with four new faculty members during the reception.

newly tenured teachers

Newly tenured teachers rise for congratulations from the School Board, surrounded mainly by new faculty members. Supt. Nuciforo urged the new hires to follow in the footsteps of their tenured colleagues.

M.E.D. Welcomes New Principal

Please welcome Mrs. Kristen Reno, who was appointed kristen renoPrincipal of the Mary E. Dardess Elementary School at the special Board of Education meeting on Tuesday June 2.

Mrs. Reno has a 17-year career in education, serving the last five years as principal of Durham Elementary School.  She was highly recommended by the interview committee comprised of parents, instructional and non-instructional staff, and a representative of administration. Mrs. Reno stated "I am honored and excited to be working with the staff, students and parents at MED elementary school."

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in English from SUNY-Cortland, and a Master of Science degree in Reading, Mrs. Reno holds a School Administrator/Supervisor certificate from the College of St. Rose.  She resides with her family in Voorheesville. Mrs. Reno joined the Chatham Central School District on July 1.

Please extend a warm M.E.D. welcome to her!

A New Use of Space at Mary E. Dardess

Much work was done this summer to reconfigure space at Mary E. Dardess Elementary School to address educational, health and safety and work place issues. All classrooms will now be located on the main floor, which will have a 1st/2nd grade hallway and a 3rd/4th grade hallway. Classrooms that had been on the ground floor are moving upstairs, and to make room for them, the business and pupil personnel offices are being relocated to the ground floor. The change will benefit the program by uniting the entire student population, promoting collaboration, and allowing for age-appropriate rules and routines. The move also addresses Americans with Disabilities Act concerns for students, since all programs will be on one level, and promotes security by separating the student population from the general public.

counselor megan kapusta



Counselor Megan Kapusta prepares to receive students in her cozy, main-floor space that in previous years was the district assistant superintendent's office.








first grade classroom


Miss Wadd's first-grade, main-floor classroom, in the first-second grade wing, waits for her students to return from lunch. Last year, all the first-graders were on the ground floor.






first grade classroom

Miss Mullens' first-grade classroom, across the hallway from Miss Wadd's. Last year's third-grade classrooms have become this year's first-grade classrooms, as the third-graders are now in the third-fourth grade wing.






psychologist brian simon

School Psychologist Brian Simon in his new office, formerly the office of the secretary to the assistant superintendent.








First Day of One-Bell Goes Well

school official directs student getting off bus

The first day of one-bell transportation for the Chatham Central School District seemed to go off without a hitch, according to reports of drivers, demeanor of their passengers and timeliness of their arrivals. Administrators Jean Scheriff, director of Pupil Services, above, Superintendent Cheryl Nuciforo, and Mary E. Dardess Principal Kristen Reno met all the buses as they pulled into the high school parking, after having dropped off their middle school passengers.

parents deliver students to MED

New School Board Member Sworn In

melony spock takes oath

School Business Administrator Diane Malecki, right, administers the oath of office to Chatham's newest Board of Education member, Melony Spock, at the Sept. 15 board workshop.


District Staff Receives Autism Response Training

In the past ten years, there has been an increase of over 400% in the number of students enrolled in New York State schools who are diagnosed with some form of Autism. Due to that dramatic increase, New York State has enacted new training requirements for some school personnel who have responsibilities for students with disabilities. Chatham staff members are among the first in the state to complete the new “Responding to the Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders” training. Congratulation to: Ron Davis, Renee Morgan, Amy Potter, Kristen Reno, Jean Scheriff and John Thorsen. It’s good to see our administrators modeling lifelong learning.


Chatham Athletes Attend Volleyball Clinic

Twenty –eight student athletes from Chatham High School participated in a three day volleyball clinic hosted by the Chatham Central School District from August 3-5 under the direction of Coach Don Perkins.


Coach Perkins has years of collegiate and United States Olympic volleyball experience and recently accepted the head volleyball coach position at Kean University in Union, New Jersey. After coaching the Chatham athletes, Coach Perkins stated “the knowledge of the game of the returning players exceeded my expectations.  If they can stay focused as individuals and as a team, Chatham will continue to build on an already solid volleyball program.”

The clinic was organized by the Chatham Booster Club, Chatham Central School District Athletic Director Scott Stelz, Boys' Volleyball Coach Matt Torrey and Girls' Volleyball Coach Linda Colwell.

volleyball practice


Summer School Students Take A Trip to Art Omni

Art OmniOn Monday, July 20th, Mr. Kevin Botsford’s summer school class visited Art Omi. The small students hiked great distances through the fields to view art installations with Art Educator, Sacha Sicurella. The students created paper sculptures and then enjoyed a healthy lunch inside the shade of one of the large sculptures. The field trip was provided by a grant that the District Wellness Committee obtained from the Kids in Motion/Healthcare Consortium.









Chatham High School Class of 2009 Honor Students

Mr. Ron Davis, Chatham High School Principal, is pleased to release the names of the Honor Students for the graduating Class of 2009.

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Construction proceeds on schedule at Chatham High

weight room

Windows are installed in the weight room


new windows for history class

History unveiled: A history classroom also gets new windows


switch gear for hs

A new source of power: The old switch gear, which controls the district's electrical power, is removed from the high school to make room for a new one. The door also had to be removed to allow the large apparatus to be taken out.


high school entry way

More doors to learning: The high school entryway is being enlarged. There will be two sets of doors, to the left and right, for security purposes, with a receptionist's window in between (not shown). Here, ceiling work proceeds, with heating elements, in the upper foreground, already installed.


top of walkway

Two views of the new walkway between Mary E. Dardess Elementary School and the bus pickup spot at the high school parking lot, above, from MED, and below, from the pickup spot.

walkway lower view




Crews Get Schools Ready for September Opening


parking lot

Preparing for paving


paving hs lot 1

The high school parking lot was paved in July.


Heating Construction

Heating ventilation units installed at MED



Walkway being built between MED and Chatham High School

One-Bell Update

We are busy this summer with finalizing the implementation of the one-bell transportation system. Transportation staff are busy developing bus routes and rider lists with close attention to questions of child safety and health and the best learning outcomes for all students.

As a part of this transition, a dedicated group of parents (April Mountain, Elizabeth Powers, Mary-Noelle Fabiano and Meg Everett) have continued to meet with administrators throughout the summer, with the goal of creating the best system possible for all concerned. As a result of these meetings, an updated Q-and-A will be distributed over the next couple of weeks. We will also be updating the Web site regularly as new information becomes available.

Parents, students and other other district residents who have questions or ideas about the upcoming changes are encouraged to contact Superintendent Cheryl Nuciforo at 392-1501. 


Chatham Central Schools One Bell Loading Practice Was a Success!

buses loading 1


buses loading 2



Chatham High School Student to Serve as a People to People Sports Ambassador in Brazil

tyler marshaw soccerChatham High School Soccer player Tyler Mashaw will serve as a People to People sports ambassador in Brazil for two weeks in July. Click here for more information about Tyler and his trip.











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