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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


CMS Science & Technology Fair


Student examines egg in vinegarDid you know that a lemon produces more electricity than, say, an apple, clementine, or grape? Or that you can remove an egg’s shell without breaking it by soaking it in vinegar? Or, if you wrap exactly 594 rubber bands around a watermelon (producing 37.12 PSI), it will explode?

These answers and more could all be found at Chatham Middle School’s 2017 Science and Technology Fair, held February 15th in the school gymnasium. 

This annual fair encourages students to take learning into their own hands while using scientific processes to ask questions, conduct research, and draw conclusions backed by data they collect.

student being judge by Mr. KahnStudents could choose to develop a solution to a technological problem or attempt to prove a hypothesis.

Throughout the school day, science and technology teachers from both CMS and CHS judged the projects based on the students’ demonstrated use of the scientific method or problem solving method, as well as their individual creativity, knowledge of their subject, difficulty of the project, and overall quality of the students' presentations.

The winners were announced during the public portion of the fair that evening, when hundreds of family members, staff, and other onlookers descended on the gym to check out the students’ projects.   


6th grade science fair winners6th Grade Winners:

Noah Hutchinson - How do environmental features affect a person's work and ability to concentrate? 

Anna Miles - Can you hear me? The influence of gender on sound location

Diego Clark - Can different types of fruit/vegetable generate different voltage?

6th Grade Principal’s Award:

Ellie Blass - Is a commercial horse diet alone enough for complete health?




seventh grade science fair winners7th Grade Winners:

Maria Geel - Are there certain patterns in genetics?

Ben Halpin - Pine vs. Maple? The ultimate weather resistance showdown

Anna Carroll & Elise Slvesvold-Uhlar - How much pressure does it take to explode a watermelon? 

7th Grade Principal’s Award:

Allyson Engel - What brand gum has the longest lasting flavor? 



eighth grade science fair winners8th Grade Winners:

Alice Tassinari & Hannah Braley - How is it possible to carbonate fruit? 

Hannah Taylor & Haley Pulver - Is yawning contagious? 

Sonam Verma - On online Simon Says, does a person play better with visuals or sounds? 

8th Grade Principal’s Award:

Hailey Cascioli & Ashley Carmon - What fruit generates the most electricity? 





Amelia Scheriff with her winnig logoWinner of the 2017 Science Fair Art Logo Contest:


Amelia Scheriff

For her winning design, Amelia received a $20.00 gift certificate to the Chatham Bookstore.