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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


Listening Ears


Lisa Drury, Paulie, and Mrs. Thorsen's class Lisa Drury and her therapy dog Paulie visit Mrs. Thorsen’s Middle School Life Skills class at least once a month as part of the class’ Listening Ears program. The students get to read to Paulie each time he visits, and it’s always an exciting time when he arrives. It’s amazing to see the positive effect he has on the children as he makes the rounds and nuzzles everyone before he settles down for the reading. Reading out loud to the calm, friendly Labrador is not only fun for the students, it's also great practice, encourages physical interaction, and helps build self-confidence. On his latest visit, Paulie came dressed up as Santa to bring a little holiday cheer to the reading group. Ms. Drury and Paulie are affiliated with Therapy Dogs International and have been visiting Mrs. Thorsen’s class since 2014.