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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


Venice and The Four Seasons


To celebrate the conclusion of their study of Venice, the third grade held a special performance for parents in the MED Cafeteria on December 6th.


The third grade’s study of Venice is part of artsVOYAGE, an ongoing partnership between MED and the Spencertown Academy that brings enriching interdisciplinary learning experiences to the third grade.


Guest educator Tom Lee, from the Spencertown Academy, kicked off the Springcelebration by highlighting the many different ways the students explored Venice over the past several weeks, using geography, history, architecture, art, writing, music, and of course, performance!


On the stage, the students put on a ballet of their own making set to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Under the direction of Mrs. Brownell, MED’s music teacher, each class had come up with their own ideas for what would happen during their season:


Winter was frolic in the snow but also lots of shoveling.Summer


Spring brought out the squirrels and the bees.


Summer ushered in swimming and boating, but watch out for the sharks!


Fall had sports and the inevitable soccer parent pick-up-and-move to the next field.   


The program concluded with Mr. Lee telling the tale of Gallo Cristallo, the rooster who fallwent to a wedding with his animal friends, and the wolf who tried to eat them all! Much of the story Mr. Lee told in Italian, and he recruited the seventh graders to help him translate it for the audience.


On December 7th, the third graders put on an encore performance of their Four Seasons ballet for other grades at MED.