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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


5th Grade Service Day

student helps pre_k student with craftFifth graders participated in a grade-wide service day on December 21. MED assistant principal Mike Burns orchestrated this special activity day, during which several service projects took place at school, with different groups of fifth graders each responsible for completing one project.

Some students, along with Mrs. Wrigley, visited the MED prekindergarten classroom, where they worked together with the pre-k students on crafts, ate lunch together, and helped the youngsters practice for the school-wide Holiday Sing Along that would take placelater in the week. Meanwhile, another group of students was busy making cookies in Mrs. Hogancamp’s room for Meals on Wheels, while yet another group crafted students making cookiesholiday greeting cards with Ms. Grill to go along with those cookies. In Mrs. Murray’s room, students made holiday decorations that were sent to residents of the Whittier Place Assisted Living Center in Ghent.

Also that day, a group of fifth grade music students visited the Camphill Ghent elder residential community to perform a concert (along with some high school music students) for the residents there. They got to meet some former faculty members of Chatham Central Schools who were in the audience - Stephen A. Gitto, Sr., who was the music teacher who built Chatham’s instrumental music program from the ground up in the 1950’s, and Walter Balfour, who was the principal of MED!


students from MED and HS at Camphill Ghent with former faculty Mr. Gitto and Mr. Balfour