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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


"Decision 2016" at CCSD

MED, CMS, and CHS held mock presidential elections this election season to teach students about democracy and give them the experience of voting. The presidential race proved very tight here at CCSD and, between our three schools, we experienced just about every possible outcome!

AT MED, the 5th grade hosted a school-wide election. During ELA and social studies time, students learned about elections in the US and explored who the candidates are. On November 7th, the fifth graders voted for their candidate of choice (including third party candidates) using ballot box stations set up in the hallway. The younger grades were invited to participate as well, with those students voting online using a link that fifth grade teacher Meredith Rivet provided on her teacher website. At the end of the day, all the votes were tallied and Donald Trump was declared the winner by a slim margin over Hillary students voting at CMS Clinton.

At CMS, the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams collaborated on a school-wide presidential election as well. All social studies classes at the school had been studying politics and the current election, so during the day on November 7th, each class made a trip to the school auditorium where a polling station had been set up on the stage, complete with ballot boxes (and lots of patriotic flair) for the middle schoolers to cast their votes. Before students were dismissed for the day, an announcement was made that Hillary Clinton had won at CMS. Just like at MED, the results were very close between Clinton and Trump.

CHS also held a “Presidential Election” to give students the opportunity to cast their vote and gain important knowledge about how the Electoral College works, and did they ever!. The social studies department took time in class on November 3rd to explain the Electoral College system and to introduce the school's voting procedures which would mimic it. In homeroom on November 4th, students cast their vote using ballots, representing the popular vote. All votes were tallied and on November 7th, based on their classroom's results, the homeroom teachers cast their “Electoral” vote. While Donald Trump won the popular vote by 10%, the Electoral College was tied at 7-7 between Trump and Clinton. The election then went to the House of Representatives (all the school's non-homeroom teachers), who voted on November 8 to elect Hillary Clinton as the winner!