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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


Outdoors Club/Photography Club Hike

group hiking the escarpment trailOn November 5th, the Outdoors Club and Photography Club at Chatham High School joined forces to spend a day in the great outdoors. Nine students chose to give up their typical Saturday activities to tackle some trails in the Catskill Mountains. The group left the high school around 8:45 in the morning and they were the first hikers present at the parking area. Needless to say, the early bird certainly got the worm! The day couldn’t have been better for hiking. An average temp of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a light breeze made for very comfortable hiking conditions.

The students climbed up to the North Point peak in no time at all. Scrambling up sections of steep rock added excitement to the hike. North Point reaches an elevation of 2,989 feet above sea level, making for a total ascent of 1,144 feet. It is also ranked as a nine out of view from the topten in terms of difficulty – that couldn’t deter our hikers! When North Point was crested, the students were able to explore a bit and took notice of what the changes in elevation did to the plant life. The views were breathtaking and it made for a perfect lunch break with plenty of photo ops.

On the way back to the cars the hikers passed Badman’s Cave, which was allegedly named such because Batman’s Cave was already trademarked. The Escarpment Trail yielded some magnificent views with a picturesque ending to the trail which opened up onto North-South Lake. All in all, students hiked 8.8 miles, got some fresh air in their lungs, took in the views, and spent the majority of the day unplugged. All would agree that more hikes will be scheduled in the near future!

group poses for photo along trail

The chaperoning teachers were Photography Club advisor Mark Pearson (who provided the photos here), and Outdoors Club advisors Mike Kullman and Brooke Kneller.