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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


Take Action Night April 6 @ CHS


Over the past few weeks, Chatham High School sophomores have been hard at work in English class researching, writing, and advocating for change regarding human rights violations. Students were encouraged to choose subjects meaningful to them, and conducted extensive research in hopes to have a more comprehensive understanding on the issues plaguing our world today. The topics chosen spanned the entire globe, ranging from human trafficking in India and ethnic cleansing in Burma, to domestic violence in the United States, and solitary confinement in American prisons. Students wrote research papers on the chosen violation, making poignant points about these atrocities, and what is being done now.

The project didn't stop there. With the ills of our nation and our world stuck in their heads, the next step of activism came naturally. The sophomores all developed their own personalized action plan: a way to create real, meaningful change in regard to their human rights violation. The actions, which are currently underway, encompassed the truly broad reach of activism. Some students chose to make political cartoons or public service announcements, while others wrote to congressmen and women or published pieces in local newspapers. The outcomes of these projects gave stage to the abomination of rights all over the world, but also showcased the work of these sophomores to change the things they see as wrong.

We invite you to “Take Action Night,” a showcase of these actions on Thursday, April 6th at 7:00 p.m. in the Chatham High School Library. Come and witness the outreach and hear the voices of these Chatham students as they strive to bring awareness to these important issues.

- By CHS sophomore Althea Brennan