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15.5% Return Spells Win for CHS Stock Market Game Champion Jacob Osborne

Congratulations to the CHS Financial Literacy class’ Stock Market Game™ champion, Jacob Osborne!  In this six-week contest that mimics actual happenings on the stock exchange, Jake had an amazing 15.5% rate of return on his investments.

Business teacher Michael Loomis involves Financial Literacy students in The Stock Market Game™ to give them a first-hand experience with the ups and downs of investing with stocks. In this simulation, the students search for stocks, view detailed charts of pricing history, buy and sell, and compare their portfolios against students in their own class as well as in other financial classes throughout the Northeast.

stock market hall of fameJake’s portfolio yielded the second highest return in the last five years students have played the game at Chatham High School. His “trophy” joins those of our past winners on CHS’ Stock Market Game Champion Hall of Fame. Prior winners are: Gunnar Wordon, Fall 2012, 4.32%; CeeJay Elmendorf, Spring 2013, 5.53%; Sanket Sharma, Fall 2013, 20.2%; Cheyanne Corbett, Spring 2014, 4.6%; Collin Acosta, Fall 2014, 4.1%; Janelle Rich, Spring 2015, 1.0%; Megan Magner, Fall 2015, 0.48%; and Hunter Wallace; Spring 2016, 3.94%.

The Stock Market Game is a program of the SIFMA Foundation, an independent educational organization dedicated to providing an understanding of the financial markets for people of all ages. For more information, visit