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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


Olympics Theme of MED Summer Program

students tossing cheese puffs
MED’s summer program wrapped up with an Olympic themed field event. The students had recently been studying trajectories, so all the games were flight-based feats of skill, with a fun summer twist. There was “shot put” and “javelin” toss simulated with water balloons, and “archery,” where students tossed cheese puffs and tried to get them to stick to blobs of shaving cream on their partners’ heads. Whoever tossed their water balloon the furthest or got the most cheese puffs to stick won!


This summer program ran throughout the month of July, during which student tossing water baloon students explored the Olympic Games using math, science, technology, and research. Along with the sports themselves, students studied the different countries that participate in the Olympics, the architecture of the sports complexes built to host the events, and more.


This is MED’s first year offering a summer learning camp style program, which was open to any of our students entering 4th and 5th grades.The program was taught by MED teachers Erika Riddick, Meredith Rivet, Brenda Robichaud, and Kalyn Fleck with teaching assistant Lisa Wenk.