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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


Fall Festival of Shakespeare Presents Julius Caesar November 11 & 12 at CHS


Terrified by premonitive nightmares, Calpurnia (Stella Fairall) pleads with Caesar (Quentin Rubel) not to go to the senate. The year is 44 BC and Julius Caesar has made his triumphant return to Rome following victory over his enemies in Spain. But "beware the ides of March," as secret yet powerful forces plot against Caesar at home!

Flash forward to 2016 AD in Chatham, where The Tragedy of Julius Caesar unfolded at Chatham High School the evenings of November 11th and 12th. Hundreds came out to enjoy the show as Chatham students lent their talents to William Shakespeare’s classic portrayal of political turmoil, betrayal, and vengeance!

After the November 20 performance was canceled due to weather, we are thrilled to invite you back to the Tina Packer Playhouse in Lenox on December 3 for Chatham High School’s performance of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare & Company's Fall Festival of Shakespeare. This event will be free for all, no tickets necessary! The schedule of events for Saturday, December 3 are:
1:30pm Taconic Hills High School’s Romeo and Juliet
3:30pm - Chatham High School’s Julius Caesar
5:00pm – Reverence (the traditional closing of the Festival)

Directed by Lori Evans and Tom Giordano, Julius Caesar was produced in partnership with the Fall Festival of Shakespeare sponsored by Shakespeare & Company of Lenox, Massachusetts. This nine-week residency program brings professional directors, actors, and stage technicians to Chatham to work with students on all aspects of theater production. This year, fifty-five students worked together to stage a thrilling ninety-minute version of the play. Chatham has been a part of this unique theater experience for seventeen years along with other schools in New York and Massachusetts. Visit to learn more.

The program is supported in part by gifts from the City Child Fund and the T Backer Fund, as well as a grant from The Arts & Humanities Fund of the Chatham Education Foundation, and many individual donors. 

Shown here, Calpurnia (Stella Fairall), worried by her premonitory nightmares, pleads with Caesar (Quentin Rubel) not to go to the Senate.