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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


District-Wide Initiative Puts Learning Technology at Every Student's Fingertips

4th greade classroom using chrome books In early February, our technology department rolled out new Chromebook and iPad labs to classrooms all over the District. The rollout is part of an investment the District made this year to significantly increase our students’ access to technology in their classrooms.

With the new devices now in classrooms, we have enough for every student at MED, CMS, and CHS!

The District piloted the use of Chromebooks in classrooms at the beginning of this school year and they proved to be highly desirable learning tools for our teachers and pupils. Our schools have used iPads in limited numbers for the past several years and these devices have shown to be effective learning tools as well, particularly for younger students.

This fall, the district used reserve funds to purchase hundreds of Chromebooks for use is grades 2-12, as well as iPads for students in pre-k through grade 1.

Shown here, fourth graders are having fun completing biome research on their own Chromebooks.