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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


CHS Has It's Own Flag!


Danielle Wallace with the flag she designed for Chatham High SchoolPerhaps you have noticed recently the new flag flying on the school flagpole. It's Chatham High School's very own flag, designed by student Danielle Wallace. The school flag came about via a competition put on by the student government, who put out the call for students to submit their own ideas for what the new flag should look like. Six students submitted designs and Danielle's was chosen as the winner by a vote of the student body.

As Danielle explains, the flag “features a background of black and white diagonal stripes and has a ‘Chatham Shield’: an apple and books to symbolize academics, students pose with the CHS Flag at Gettysburg Flag Workshands shaking to symbolize leadership, drama masks and paintbrushes to symbolize the fine arts, and a winged track spike to symbolize athletics. There is a torch in the middle on the shield to symbolize Chatham as a torch bearer. Lastly, two panther heads stick out from the shield.”

The school sent Danielle’s design to the Gettysburg Flag Works in East Greenbush to be produced as an actual flag. Near the end of the 2015-16 school year, Danielle and student government representatives Jack McKeon, Jack McEachern, Kate Schassler, Cole Witaszek, Gianni Polhemus, and Amara Engel made the trip to East Greenbush to tour the facility to see first-hand what goes into making a flag and to see the finished product. The Chatham High School Flag now flies proudly under the American Flag on the school’s flagpole.


student government raising new flag at CHS