Mary E. Dardess ES

Kristen Reno, Principal


Welcome to the MED Elementary School Health Office. Here you will find health-related information specific to Chatham Elementary school students.

If you have any questions, please contact School Nurse Mary-Noelle Fabiano by e-mail or by phone at 392-1537.

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Health Forms

To download a health form, please click on one of the following forms.

Medication Policy

Parents of students needing to take medication in school should contact the Health Office for physician/parent consent forms for administering medication at the school.

Medication must be brought to school in the original prescription/over-the-counter container. Please do not send medication in with your child. All medication must be delivered to the Health Office by an adult. It will be kept in a locked cabinet or, if necessary, refrigerated and then dispensed as ordered, by authorized school personnel.

Only empty prescription/over-the-counter bottles may be returned home by the student. An adult may come to the Health Office to pick up unused medication. Medication not picked up by the last day of school will be disposed of.

First Aid

The school is responsible for giving first aid or emergency treatment only in case of sudden illness or injury to a pupil or a member of the staff. Further medical attention in the case of a student is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, or the person designated for emergencies.

Physical Education

If there is a need for an alteration in physical education activities for your child due to an illness or accident, a note from his or her physician is required. If the time limit was not specified on the original note, a note from the physician clearing your child from activity is necessary. For an excuse for a brief period (1 to 2 days), a note from the parent is acceptable.

Head Lice

Head lice have become a traumatic problem that many families face at some time during the school years. Their residence in hair has nothing to do with “clean or dirty, rich or poor.” They crawl on the handiest head and do not readily leave.

If nits (eggs) or lice are found, use a shampoo for head lice then comb through the hair and remove all eggs or “nits.” Launder jackets, hats and bedding and dry on high heat.

We have a “nit-free” policy in place which means a child may not be returned to a classroom until it is determined there are no nits remaining in the hair of a child who has had lice. This will help prevent the potential spread of lice.

Include regular head checks at home as routine home hygiene, and remind children not to share hats, combs, brushes, etc.