Chatham Central School District

John Thorsen, Principal


Welcome to the High School Health Office. Here you will find health-related information specific to Chatham High School students.

If you have any questions, please contact School Nurse Valerie Persons by e-mail or by phone at 392-1580. [Mrs. Persons' Website]

Health Forms

To download a health form, please click on one of the following forms.

Physical Education

Students who have medical concerns limiting physical activity for more than one class period must have a written note from a physician. The medical excuse must be specific in nature, describing exactly what activities are prohibited and what activities are allowed. If a student is completely restricted from physical activity, it is the responsibility of the physical education teacher to assign an alternative non-physical assignment(s). There will be no medical exceptions from physical education. All students must pass four years of physical education totaling two course credits.

Medication Guidelines