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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent



Adopted by the Board of Education on August 25, 2015


On January 12, 2016 Cheryl Nuciforo gave a presentation to the Board of Ed. on the District's progress toward it's overall 2015-16 goals.

Goal 1. During the 2015-2016 school year, collaborate with the community by engaging stakeholders in development of a shared vision for the future of the CCSD that informs our long term goals and planning.

The Board plans to use this shared vision to guide its decision making as it explores all options available to maintain and improve Chatham’s educational program, address the impact of our shrinking student enrollment, and manage the District’s finances. The District is currently developing plans to involve as many community stakeholders as possible in this visioning process. Opportunities to participate will be announced in the coming months.

Goal 2. Define the potential impact of enrollment and financial challenges facing us, and explore strategies that address these issues, while maintaining CCSD’s cultural and programmatic strengths and offering opportunities for future improvement.

In order to ensure we are using accurate and current information, the District updated its enrollment and financial projections in the fall of 2015. These projections were presented to the Board, who discussed them and accepted them as an appropriate basis for developing options for future planning.

In August of 2015, the Board Board unanimously voted on September 29 to take consolidation planning off the table so that it could step back and revisit what is most important to our school and community.

Goal 3. Engage in a collaborative process to update the vision for use of instructional technology, and present an updated plan reflective of that vision for Board consideration by February, 2016.

This year a Technology Planning Committee, consisting of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and technical support staff was formed to update Chatham’s vision for educational technology. The committee was tasked with developing a guiding vision that will drive an update of Chatham’s Educational Technology Plan. The agendas for the Technology Committee meetings are listed below.

The committee members reviewed information about current and future trends in technology. Links to some of the material they reviewed are listed here.

The committee started their work by developing a definition of digital literacy for Chatham’s students. They then used that definition to create a technology vision. Those were presented to the Board on January 12.

The Digital Literacy Definition and Technology Vision Statement as endorsed by the Board will be used to inform an update of Chatham’s existing Educational Technology Plan. This plan will be used to plan future technology purchases and activities.

Goal 4. Set and monitor progress toward building and/or department achievement targets that support a strong academic program that prepares our students for college/career and allows them to maximize their individual potential.

Each year, Chatham’s administrative team sets achievement targets for each building. The targets are designed to help us move students to high levels of achievement.

Over the summer, each principal gives a “State of the Building” report to the Board, which includes progress on the previous year’s Building Achievement Targets. Links to the 2015 presentations are below.

Goal 5. Align current wellness initiatives with the new Wellness Policy, with a 2015-2016 focus on resources and programming related to student mental and emotional health.

In August, the Board revised Chatham’s Wellness Policy to be sure it addressed overall wellness.

One of our District strategies for increasing student overall wellness year is to increase our families’ access to information and other resources regarding safety and wellness. Starting January 4th, we began emailing home "Panther Pointers for Safety & Wellness" at the start of each school week. These tips will also be archived in the Parent page of the District web site.

Chatham administrators and faculty have been educating ourselves on the latest information regarding student mental health and addiction. See events we have attended by clicking on the link below.

Providing students with applicable skills for the world that they interact with is a big part of the CCSD educational mission. There can be little argument that in today’s world, social media has become a major aspect of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, with the opportunities offered by increased social media also come risks. New for the 2015-16 school year, Chatham CSD is rolling out a Social Media Safety Curriculum for students from Kindergarten to the twelfth grade.