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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


Capital Improvement Project, Phase Two- 2011

The majority of Phase Two construction is now complete. With the new elevator now operational and the arrival of new furniture at the M.E.D. library, contractors are going now through the final "punch list" to tie up any loose ends.

Some highlights of the project include installing energy efficient lighting, refurbishing  the M.E.D. cafeteria kitchen and new equipment for the High School cafeteria kitchen, remodeling locker room and weight training areas at the High School, repairing the bus garage roof and portions of Middle School roof, upgrading science classrooms at the High School, adding more parking at M.E.D., installing better lighting for the football field, replacing lockers throughout the High School, encapsulating tile flooring at M.E.D., installation of an elevator at M.E.D., and various upgrades required to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The design process for Phase Two was completed in early 2011 with plans being approved by the New York State Education Department. The project went out to bid in February and construction began in mid-June, 2011.

The $5 million Capital Improvement Project was approved by voters in 2010 to addresses energy efficiency, program needs, infrastructure, safety and accessibility concerns. The overall project is paid for through NYS building aid, federal stimulus dollars, money left over from a previous capital project, and funds the District set aside in a capital reserve. The construction and improvements will allow Chatham Central School District to continue to provide a safe, healthy and secure learning environment for our students, staff and community.

Phase Two Photos

new library furniture

November- New furniture arrives at the M.E.D. library.

new elevator

October- New elevator at M.E.D. now operational.

students using library

September- Students enjoy the new "Story Place" in the M.E.D. library.

addition at MED nearly complete

September- Addition at M.E.D. nears completion.

window at MED

September- New reception window at M.E.D. enhances security and provides convenience for visitors.


September- Construction continues on the elevator addition at M.E.D.

High School walkway

August- New walkway connecting HS parking lot to athletic fields.

MED kitchen

August- Remodeled M.E.D. kitchen ready to serve up meals for hungry children.

new parking lot

August- New parking space is laid down along M.E.D.'s first and second grade wing.

new lockers

August- New lockers were installed throughout the High School.

New Cooler

August- New walk-in cooler in the High School kitchen.

Football Field Lights

August- Newly installed lighting on the Football Field.

new flooring

August- The finishing trim is put on new flooring in an M.E.D. hallway. Most of the building was refloored.

catch basins

August- New drainage catch basins arrive at the High School.

sewer work

July- Sewer line improvements underway at the Middle School.

loading dock

July- New loading dock installed at M.E.D.

health office renovation

July- The M.E.D. Health Office with renovation underway.

footing wall

July- Freshly poured foundation for a small addition to the 1st/2nd grade wing of M.E.D. The addition will house an elevator, improving access between the upper and lower level.

 cms roof repair

July- Repairs being made to the Middle School roof.

lights in Gym

July- Newly installed energy efficient lighting hangs in the High School gym.

flooring installed in MED

July- New tiles being laid in an M.E.D. classroom. The new flooring covers the existing floor and will be installed throughout a large portion of the building.

path removed

July- Pathway leading from HS parking lot to the athletic fields behind the school is torn up prior to replacement.

hallway without lockers

July- High School hallway with lockers removed. The old lockers will be replaced with new ones.


Footings are laid out to form the base of the elevator addition to the 1st and 2nd grade wing of M.E.D.

excavation at MED

July- Excavation begins on the 1st and 2nd grade wing of M.E.D. A small addition housing a new elevator will be built at this location.

playground relocated

June- Playground equipment at M.E.D. is relocated to accommodate new parking space and a small addition housing an elevator.

Solar Panels at M.E.D.

Solar panels were installed on the roof of M.E.D. during March and April, 2011. An additional solar panel array was installed on the front wall of the M.E.D. gymnasium to be visible to students and the public. After becoming operational in late April, the panels have provided the District with clean, renewable electricity at a cost savings, and can act as a learning tool for students to study alternate energy.

The project was funded by a $297,648 grant the District applied for and received from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).



solar panels on front of gym

Solar panel array on outside wall of M.E.D. gym.

solar panels on M.E.D. roof

Solar panel array soaks up the sun on the roof of M.E.D.

workers unloading solar panels

soloar panels on roof

3/24 Crews affix solar panels to racks installed on the M.E.D. roof.

workers setting racks

racks installed

3/17- Workers set racks on the roof of M.E.D. that will hold the solar panels .

Capital Improvement Project, Phase One- 2010

Phase One of the Capital Improvement Project began in May, 2010, with construction completed over that summer.

The Phase One improvements were funded largely by federal stimulus money and included the installation of backup electrical generators at both the High School and MED, upgrades to network infrastructure in all district buildings, installation of divider curtains in all school gymnasiums, and removal of the electrical transformer located in the MED basement and replacement with one outside the building.